Top 50+ Most Beautiful Names That Mean Night

Are looking for the most beautiful and perfect names that mean night? You’ve landed on the right page.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” – a famous line from Shakespeare’s Romantic play Romeo and Juliet.

We often refer to this line when someone judges some others’ names. However, no matter how open our minds are, names mean something; it is one of the most important things that portray your identity.

Getting various ‘names’ from your friends is quite normal for the school days but the situation becomes worse for a kid if the name itself sounds weird or doesn’t practically have a meaning.

Therefore, parents should take this seriously so that your kids’ school days don’t bother them much for their names. Did you think about what type of name you want for your kids?

It can be a name of a flower, it can be a season, it can be anything that means something and has an impact on our lives. The night is a common subject when it comes to choosing a name for a girl.

There are thousands of synonyms to the night that is often used for a girl child’s name. Night brings a soothing effect in our life where the moon is up and the weather is colder than the day.

Where the vibrance and energy the sun or the day brings, night creates something opposite. A solace, peace of mind, home, silence, moon, unorthodox is represented by night.

Hence, if you are searching for an appropriate name for your sweet girl child, you can read the detailed article where we have tried to cover all information about the names that mean night.

List Of 50+ Names That Mean Night

Girls Names That Mean Night

  • Estelle: This is a French name. It means “star”.
  • Hoku: This is a name with a Hawaiian origin. It means “night of the full moon”.
  • Danica: This name has a Slavic origin. It means “morning star”.
  • Asra: This is an Arabic name. It means “travels at night”.
  • Anniki: This is a Finnish name. It refers to the goddess of night in Finnish mythology.
  • Luna: This is a Roman name. In Latin, it means “moon”.
  • Nisha: This is a Sanskrit name, meaning “night”.
  • Ajambo: This is an African name (Luo). It means “born at night”.
  • Chausiku: This is a Swahili name that means “born at night”.
  • Twyla: This is a modern American name, meaning “twilight”.
  • Ankareeda: This is an Indian name meaning “night star”.
  • Selena: This is another Greek name that refers to the moon goddess Artemis.
  • Esther: This is a Biblical name in Hebrew, meaning “star”.
  • Hesper: This is a Greek name, meaning “evening star”.
  • Rhiannon: This is a Welsh name. It refers to the goddess of the moon in Welsh mythology.
  • Yvaine: This is a Scottish name, meaning “evening star”
  • Bibigul: This is a Kazakh name that means “nightingale”.
  • Zorya: This is a Slavic name. It refers to the goddess of the night sky.
  • Layla: This is an Arabic name. It originally comes from the Persian and Arabic story of Layla and Majnun.
  • Amaya: This name has a Japanese origin. It means “night rain”.
  • Ratree: This is a Thai name, meaning “night jasmine”.
  • Cynthia: This is a Greek name. It refers to the moon goddess, Artemis, in Greek mythology.
  • Ilta: This is a Finnish name. It means “night”.
  • Nyx: This is a Greek name, meaning “night”.
  • Miyako: This is a Japanese name. Although it can mean different things, one of its meanings is “beautiful night child”.
  • Shirina: This is an Indian baby name. In Hindi, it means “night”.

Boy Names That Mean Night

  • Sterling: This is an Old English name. It means “little star.”
  • Orion: This is a Greek name that used to mean “dweller on the mountain.” However, it’s usually associated with the constellation Orion.
  • Ponui: This is a Tahitian, Polynesian name meaning “the great night”.
  • Otieno: This is an African (Luo) name meaning “born at night”.
  • Orpheus: This is an Ancient Greek name. It means “the darkness of night”.
  • Gau: This is a Basque name, meaning “night”.
  • Nash: This is an English word for the name of a star in the constellation Sagittarius.
  • Darcel: This is a French-origin name meaning “dark”.
  • Tarek: This is an Arabic name meaning “morning star”.
  • Nishant: This is a name that comes from Sanskrit. It means “end of night”.
  • Ciaran: This is an Irish Gaelic name. It means “dark,” which can be night-related or it can refer to a dark-haired person.
  • Aibek: This is a Turkish boy name. It means “master of the moon”.
  • Jiemba: This is a Wiradjuri Aboriginal name. It means “laughing star”, which is a name for Venus.
  • Tynan: This is an Irish name. In Gaelic, it means “dark”.
  • Rajnish: This name comes from the Sanskrit language. It means “Lord of the night”, which is what the moon is called in Hindi.
  • Luan: This is a Portuguese name. It means “moon”.
  • Chandra: This is an Indian name. It refers to the moon god in Hindu mythology.
  • Izar: This is a Basque-origin name, meaning “star”.
  • Budde: This is an African, Ganda name meaning “night”.
  • Yiska: This hopeful Native American, Navajo name. It means “night is over”.

Final Words

Now that you have got to understand the names that mean night, it is time to select one for your baby girl. No matter whether you love the nighttime, or your baby is born at night, you can always go for names that signify or mean night.

You can search on the internet about the right name for your baby and you may get lots of results too, but to be sure of the meaning of the name you may check several places.

The internet is often stuffed with inappropriate information and in that case, you may end up giving a name that is not related to the nighttime at all. The dictionary can be really useful here.

You can check and look for the synonyms and decide which one to pick for your baby. There are several mythological factors that come with a name. Based on your culture and beliefs, you should go for the one.

It should not be totally different from your family culture and your traditions. To understand that, you may need to do some research as well. However, the baby is yours and as parents, whatever you decide to be good for her is the best one.

It can be different and uncommon or commonly heard ones. As long as you like it and think to be the good one for the baby, it is perfectly fine.

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